Doggo Doggy Brothers

Doggo Doggy Brothers

UPDATE 30/08/2021

Well... It's been a long time. I got to admit it , i haven't been too motivated to work on this comic. The reason why that is ? It's because i didn't convey my ideas correctly in these first chapters... So i'm revamping the whole comic ! I'm gonna redo the comic to project my ideas better. While i'm at it... Why not remake the whole website ? After some months i've been able to learn a tiny bit more about HTML... Since this website looks pretty basic. This website will be a bit in "WORK IN PROGRESS" for awhile , so if you see weird changes , don't worry , it's just me recoding things here.

What's this ?
A comic about 2 talking wolves brothers having misadventures. Why are they talking ? Well , some animal food made by some obscure company called Blue Raccoons have gave animals a concious and human thoughts , but they still live as pets or wild animals , they just can talk now. It's a strange world , but life's full of surprises ! It's a passion project i've been meaning to do since 2018. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as i love making it ^^ But updates will be slow because i'm a slow artist and still figuring out HTML...

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By Blast-Forever / Yanoko